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Postponement statement and FAQs

The Organizing and Scientific Committees have decided to postpone the 13th International Symposium on Wild Boar and other Suids until 2022, in line with the original biennial schedule.

This difficult decision was taken in light of the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions in place over the coming months. Our main concern is to guarantee the health and safety of all participants and staff involved.

We believe that holding the symposium in person is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise, build new networks, and enhance interaction and collaboration among participants. It is very difficult to achieve this in a virtual meeting.

Further information about options relating to the postponement, and all news as it develops will be available on this website. You can also contact us if you have any questions. Please see our FAQs below for specific questions.


We will confirm the new dates as soon as possible. If you have already registered and still intend to join us – depending on the dates, once confirmed – you don’t need to take any action now.

If you have registered and are certain you will not be joining us in 2022, you can request a refund by contacting us before 31 January 2021. Please note that cancelled places will be made available to those on the waiting list.

If you are not registered, a new registration period will be opened in 2021.


All the abstracts that have been submitted will be kept and evaluated by the scientific committee and we will get in touch with the corresponding authors.

If you have submitted an abstract and are certain that you will not join us in 2022, please contact us. A new abstract submission period will be opened in 2021.


Q. Will I be able to request a refund if I am unable to attend the new conference once the dates have been confirmed?

A. Yes, if you are unable to attend the new conference dates, you will still be able to request a refund. Once the new conference dates have been confirmed, we will provide a timeline for when final decisions must be made.


Q. When will I need to decide?

A. We understand that there is still a lot of uncertainty and we aim to be as flexible as possible. Once the new conference dates have been confirmed, we will provide a deadline for when decisions must be made.


Q. If I request a refund, can I re-register at a later date?

A. Yes, but your registration will depend on the places that are available.


Q. Do you know when the conference will take place?

A. In 2022; the exact dates will be announced as soon as possible. Once the new dates have been confirmed, we will be in contact and keep you updated on developments.


Q. If I cannot attend in person, will I be able to attend virtually?

A. We cannot guarantee the conference will be live-streamed and it is unlikely that presenters will be able to give their presentations online.


Q. I submitted an abstract for the previous conference dates, will it be maintained for the rescheduled symposium?

A. Yes, all abstracts will be kept and considered by the scientific committee.


Q. I was not able to submit an abstract in the last call. Can I submit an abstract for the new conference dates?

A. Yes, a new abstract submission period will be open in the coming months.


Q. Why can’t the conference be held virtually?

A. While we have seen great innovation in virtual events over the last few months, the aim and structure of the conference were developed to ensure optimum interaction between participants, to bring together diverse experiences and expertise and enhance collaboration between teams. We feel this would not be possible virtually.


The Organizing Committee